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Q. The weather widget just shows "No weather data"?

A. Please esnure you have Background App Refresh enabled in settings for Weather, and then add a new city to the weather app. Respring, and it should now work.

Q. When is iPad support coming?

A. This is guaranteed to arrive with version 1.1 of Convergance.

Q. How can I add further RSS feeds to the RSS widget?

A. Go to Settings > Convergance > Widgets > RSS > Feeds, and hit the + button. Make sure your feed has the exact URL, such as ""

Q. Why aren't many tweaks supported?

A. This was a limitation of version 1.0.4 or lower; version 1.1 brings a wide range of support for many tweaks.

Q. Why does the camera crash when opening it?

A. This is caused by other tweaks interfering with the lockscreen camera in some way. Usually, the best way to figure out what's causing it is to use iCleaner Pro - go through the MobileSubstrate section, and turn off each dylib in turn (DO NOT turn off MobileSafety), respringing in turn.

Q. How do I use the status bar / Notification Center with Convergance?

A. Both of these are coming back in version 1.1!

Q. When using AndroidLock XT, it hangs when unlocking and returns back to Convergance.

A. Please ensure you're using version 3.3.1 or higher of AndroidLockXT

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